Diversity & Inclusion Work

Tuba Özkan-Haller is interested in furthering diversity, inclusion, and social justice in academia.

For her work related to OREGON STATE ADVANCE see http://advance.oregonstate.edu/.

A central part of OREGON STATE ADVANCE is an immersion experience we refer to as the ADVANCE seminar. The seminar is co-facilitated by two faculty members, one with social science expertise, the other with STEM experience. Through readings, lectures, films, discussions, and experiential activities, the seminar introduces a cohort of 12-15 participants to theories of systems of oppression, asks them to engage in personal reflection about their own location in relation to power and privilege, and challenges them to examine how policies, procedures, and institutional practices have been constructed in ways that reproduce hierarchy and dominance.

The seminar also involves daily exercises that enable participants to explore structural inequities within the university and assemble individual action plans that move the institution towards a  transformed future in which institutional structures and personal behaviors are both professionally and personally life-affirming for all people across their differences.



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